CELEBRATING 15 YEARS: 16-18 September 2022


We were thrilled to have so many alumni join us to celebrate 15 years of Meeting Minds with a range of in-person events, tours and workshops in Oxford at the Mathematics Institute. Many alumni around the world were able to join us online via our livestreamed sessions.

You can watch our Meeting Minds panel discussion on the future of cancer research below. You can catch up with the recordings of even more talks in My Oxford+, the exclusive online catch up service for alumni. Log in now.

News on Meeting Minds 2023 will be COMING SOON! 

The future of cancer research: In conversation with Oxford Cancer

Professor Sarah Blagden, Lead for Oxford Cancer Trials Office (OCTO), Professor of Experimental Oncology

Professor Benjamin Fairfax (Green Templeton, 2003), Tumour Microenvironment / Cancer Immunology Theme Co-Lead

Professor Julia Hippisley-Cox, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology and General Practice, Founder and Director of QResearch

Professor Mark Middleton (New, 1988), Head of the Department of Oncology and Professor of Experimental Cancer Medicine

What does the future of cancer research look like? Experts will discuss the challenges and opportunities that will be faced by researchers as they seek to prevent, detect and treat cancer. Particular focus will be given to the areas of Immuno-oncology, Early Cancer Detection, Cancer Big Data and Novel Therapeutics.