Discover the secrets of 'the other place' with Hidden Cambridge

Hidden Cambridge offers both Walking Tours and Zoom Virtual Tours.

The tours are run by a qualified Cambridge Green Badge Guide who will, at no point, mention the current standings in the Boat Race or, in any way, try to instill doubts about whether, just maybe, you should have applied to “the other place”!

Offer for alumni

20% off Walking Tours (as priced on the website)

20% off Zoom Virtual Tours (as priced on the website)

How to claim

When booking by telephone or email simply quote your Oxford Number

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Walking Tours

If you haven’t visited before, you might want to try a Traditional Tour which along with tales from the most well-known colleges and student antics that hit the front pages, will take in a recent attraction that has been described as “both hypnotically beautiful and deeply disturbing”, not to mention the most famous pub and down to the river for something rather unusual about one particular set of punts and…

If you’re already familiar with Cambridge, you might want to take an Off-The-Beaten-Track Tour which, as the name suggests, is where you will discover places/stories that even most locals are unaware of.

The Tailored Tour is based on your interests.  A few ideas are below:

A number of famous British architects and at least one famous sculptor have worked in both of these beautiful city centres.  Why not compare their buildings/artwork and decide for yourselves which city has the better ones. If you are an art lover, why not explore the unique public art.  Stephen Hawking once said “Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet.” Art lovers in Cambridge should ignore this advice.  In fact, they should do exactly the opposite!  History buffs might want to find out if there is a connection between Queens’ and King’s and why the apostrophe in Queens’ comes after the “s”?

Find out more about the walking tours

Zoom Virtual Tours

These are 'live' tours making use of Google Street View and PowerPoint etc. and with opportunities for the audience to answer questions during the tour as well as asking their own questions afterwards.  These have been given to groups all over the UK as well as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the US.

The most popular is The Must-See Street in Cambridge.  Reviews include:

'.. we all enjoyed your lively and interesting tour! It was great that it was interactive and members were able to join in. Great balance!'

'There were any number of our members and guests, including the former Archbishop of Wales, who had connections of various sorts with Cambridge and they together with those of us who have no previous were all fascinated by the guided tour.  Thank you very much - now to find a Murray Jacobs in Oxford!!'

'Hi Murray, huge thanks for a fabulous virtual tour of Cambridge….  It’s a great format you have developed and the mix of sights, anecdotes and interactive nature works really well.'