How to get your documents after graduating

You should use the University of Oxford eDocuments service to access your electronic degree certificates, full electronic transcripts (if you started your degree after Michaelmas 2007), Degree Confirmation Letters (DCLs) and Diploma Supplements online. You will be charged a one-off £15 registration fee for unlimited access to this service. You need your student number to register for the service, if you do not know this, please contact

You can still order a replacement paper degree certificate for a fee if your original certificate has been lost, stolen or damaged.

See the University website for information about ordering paper certificates or registering for the eDocuments service.



A transcript is an official summary of your academic performance and progress to date.

Electronic transcripts are now available through the eDocuments service, following payment of the one-off registration fee of £15.

You will be sent information about registering to access your final transcript upon completing your degree or follow the link below for information about registering.

Please ensure that your contact information in Student Self-Service is up to date before your course ends. If your course has already ended, you can contact your college office to update your record.

Diploma supplement: if you need a diploma supplement for an EU university application, this can be obtained through the eDocuments service in the same way as transcripts and the same eligibility criteria apply.


You can use the eDocuments service to allow employers, other educational institutions, government agencies and other third parties to verify your educational history at the University of Oxford.

You can do this using the Connection feature within the eDocuments service to initiate document sharing, or you can direct the third party to the University website where they can register for the eDocuments service. A further method is that third parties can view and verify your downloaded copy free of charge, when you send them your document as a pdf, using the secure QR code verify link.

If you are asked to provide printed proof of your degree, you can print your degree certificate or degree confirmation letter from within the eDocuments system – the PDF is security protected so you cannot print it normally