Physic Gin at the Botanic Garden


Physic tipples for six alumni, announced

Published: 15 August 2018


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QUAD is happy to announce the six alumni winners of the ‘gin’ competition featured in the printed QUAD magazine (2018 issue, p.34-35, ‘Physic Tipple.’)

They are:

Ian Duncalf (Wadham, 1968), Michael Hell (Balliol, 1951), Dr Judy Wigfield (Somerville, 1966), Hilary Marlow (Univ, 1971), Elaine Merrylees (Somerville, 1968) and

Michael Bowerman (Christ Church, 1964)

The prize, valid for the rest of calendar year 2018, consists of a place on a Founder’s Tour that normally costs £50. The Founder’s Tour is held weekly on Saturdays at 3pm, and ends in a jolly good tasting.

Professor Simon Hiscock and Tom Nicolson holding a bottle of Physic Gin in Oxford Botanic Gardens

Professor Simon Hiscock and Tom Nicolson

Credit: Oxford Botanic Garden

Founder’s Tour

From the Toad website:

Hosted by one of our three founders this tour gives a unique insight into our journey from conception all the way to bottle! We will spend time on how we source our ingredients and the work that goes into making our vodka, gin, absinthe and rye whiskey. After this in-depth tour, we will host an extended tasting session, taking you through all our different spirits and finishing with a large gin and tonic.