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Professor Peter Sarris, Professor of Late Antique, Mediaeval and Byzantine Studies, Trinity College Cambridge
Peter currently focuses on the development of Eurasian trading networks between Constantinople, Persia and Central Asia


  • In Istria, visit the great Roman Amphitheatre at Pula and the Euphrasian Basilica in Porec, an outstanding example of early Christian architecture and now a UNESCO World Heritage site

  • In Friuli, explore Cividale, one of the most delightful towns in North Italy, perched on karst cliffs above the River Natisssone

  • Finish the tour in the wonderful town of Udine, renowned for its beautiful Venetian piazza and architecture by Palladio

  • Enjoy some of the most delightful cuisines in Europe

  • Learn about the local wine though several specially arranged wine tastings

  • Experience Istria and Friuli in the company of Professor Peter Sarris, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a member of the Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies


1–9 October 2022


From £2,050 per person (From £320 single supplement)

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The history of both Istria and Friuli is so rich and intricate that it is no wonder these two provinces command a special status within their own 'mother countries'. For millennia, people from all corners of Europe have lived, traded and fought along this coveted trade route between the Alps and the Adriatic. Today the region boasts a host of natural and cultural wonders from amazing karst geology to Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Hapsburg monuments. Join Professor Peter Sarris to explore the history and architecture of Istria and Friuli, fuelled by some wonderful food and wine. 

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