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Professor Jay Lewis, Associate Professor of Korean History, Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford
Jay specialises in Northeast Asia (ca. 1400 to 1850) and his research includes the histories of both Korea and Japan


  • Explore Tokyo and its Imperial Palace before venturing off the beaten track through Shitamachi, where the glorious Edo culture still lives on
  • Visit Nikko’s shrines and temples, the centre of Buddhist and Shinto Mountain worship
  • Travel on Japan’s iconic Bullet train to Hiroshima and visit the Atomic Dome and Memorial Peace Park
  • Continue by boat to the exquisitely beautiful island of Miyajima and spend time amidst the elegant surroundings of a traditional ryokan serving a sumptuous kaiseki meal with dozens of tiny dishes
  • In Kyoto immerse yourself in Japanese culture, history and tradition
  • Experience the expressive drama of the Kabuki Theatre and the exquisite elegance of the tea ceremony


4–17 September 2022


From £4,960 per person (From £1,360 single supplement)

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This journey has been carefully curated to examine the fascinating history and culture of Japan, from its beginnings during the Nara period, through the rise and fall of the Shoguns, and into the current era of modernisation and economic power. You will explore the country's cultural heritage as it is reflected in the tranquillity of Shinto, the great castles of the Samurai culture, the distinct architecture of the Edo period and today's modern way of life that exists in the skyscrapers of Shinjuku. Your journey will take in imperial palaces and shrines, tea ceremonies and traditional theatre and food, as well as a trip on the iconic Bullet Train to Hiroshima and stays in Tokyo and Kyoto.

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