Saïd Business School aspires to be a world-class business school community, embedded in this world-class University, tackling world-scale problems.

The talents and efforts of our faculty, students, alumni and staff have translated into accomplishments that demonstrate that we are achieving our aim. The people at Oxford Saïd are exceptional, not only as measured conventionally but in the depth of their character. Our ideas, produced through rigorous research, are measurably changing the way leaders think and act, and in so doing, helping make businesses more effective and principled.

By bringing young and experienced leaders to Oxford Saïd, whether as undergraduates or MBAs, or as CEOs or Nobel laureates, we are at the centre of the most important issues of the day. 

Offers for alumni

Covers 50% of the course fees.

One scholarship per each intake of the Executive MBA programme. You must have completed a degree-bearing programme at the University of Oxford. Scholarships will be awarded based upon prior academic performance, the breadth and depth of work experience, and interpersonal and leadership skills demonstrated in your Executive MBA application form.

How to claim

No additional application is required. We will use the details you supply in the Executive MBA application form to determine eligibility and suitability for the scholarship. 

A complete Executive MBA application must be submitted by the deadline.

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