Oxford University Language Centre

Offer of prices specifically aimed at alumni

The University's Language Centre offers a number of courses and programmes per year with prices specifically aimed at alumni:

  • LASR - Languages for Study and Research - this non-assessed daytime programme offers an affordable and steady year-round solution to foreign language learning for research, study and personal interest. Applications are accepted throughout the year, and those with academic need for a language course may make priority applications. Alumni price - £135
  • OPAL - Oxford Programme in Languages - this late afternoon/early evening foreign language programme is intended for those who are highly motivated, willing to commit to a fast-paced course and wish to obtain a certificate of achievement. Entry for OPAL courses is strictly from the start of Michaelmas Term. Most colleges and some departments offer financial support. Alumni price - £280 for Michaelmas & Hilary + £75 for examination & project fee in Trinity

For more details and to view the languages on offer, please visit the Language Centre course page