Baroness Susan Greenfield


Neuroscientist and Alumni Weekend speaker

St Hilda's College, 1970


QUADCAST - Alumni Stories: Episode 5, September 2015


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Baroness Susan Greenfield CBE highlights how the unprecedented use of digital technologies is leaving a mark on our brains. She outlines her concerns about the internet, social networking and video games ahead of her lecture, called The Brain of the Future, on Friday 18 September 2015 during the Alumni Weekend in Oxford.

As well as the discussion of her recent book Mind Change, Baroness Greenfield explains how her high-profile scientific career began in an unusual way. Her early interest in philosophy and classics was transformed into a fascination for understanding the brain thanks to her supportive Oxford tutor Dr Jane Mellanby.

In this podcast interview, Baroness Greenfield also emphasises the strength of Oxford's tutorial system, her love of college life, and the importance of interdisciplinary research.


Interviewer: Guy Collender
Music: Setuniman from