Dr Maria Misra


Historian and trip scholar for Spectacular Ceylon

Christ Church, 1982


QUADCAST - Alumni Stories: Episode 6, October 2015


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Dr Maria Misra shares her experiences as both a student and academic at Oxford University, as well as her love of South Asia, in this podcast. She explains how her intellectual interests have evolved from studying English and PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) to specialising in the history of 20th century India and the British Empire.

In the interview, Dr Misra, an Associate Professor of Modern History and a Fellow of Keble College, contextualises contemporary Indian politics and India's role in the world by mentioning India's diversity, Hindu nationalism, changing global power dynamics, and the importance of China. The podcast also focuses on 'Spectacular Ceylon' - a visit for alumni to Sri Lanka in June 2016. Dr Misra led the tour and she describes its highlights, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Anuradhapura, centuries of Buddhist art, and the opportunities to see leopards and elephants.


Interviewer: Guy Collender
Music: Setuniman from www.freesound.org