Dr Tom Crawford


Mathematician and presenter

St John's College, 2008


QUADCAST - Alumni Stories: Episode 27, June 2017


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Dr Tom Crawford, also known as the Naked Mathematician, shares his love of Maths and describes how he is dispelling stereotypes to explain Maths to teenagers. He speaks about his new Naked Maths video series, in which he explores mathematical patterns in an entertaining and hands-on way, from the formation of ocean waves to hexagonal honeycombs.

Dr Crawford talks about how his mission to popularise Maths began with his work for The Naked Scientists - a weekly podcast with about one million listeners. He also explains his own mathematical tattoos, his undergraduate days studying Maths at Oxford, and the creative insights gained from completing his PhD in Maths at Cambridge about fluid dynamics. Dr Crawford’s work can be found at tomrocksmaths.com and you can follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Interviewer: Guy Collender
Music: Setuniman from www.freesound.org